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How Online Notarization Works:

Before your appointment please ensure that you meet these minimum requirements

  • Eash signer must have their own laptop or personal computer (CANNOT SHARE A DEVICE)
  • You have a valid State Driver License, or State Identification Card or any valid I.D. issued by the U.S. Govt. such as a Passport or Military I.D.
  • Each signer must have their own email (CANNNOT SHARE EMAIL ADDRESS)
  • Each signer must have Smartphone to compete verification process
  • You have access to a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone with audio and video capabilities along with internet access.
  • All electronic devices must have a camera and microphone
  • High speed broadband with all network and devices properly configured
  • If using Windows or Mac the latest Google Chrome or Firefox browser is required
  • If using Android devices, the latest Google Chrome browser is required
  • If using IPhone or IPad MUST be IOS 11 or higher using latest Safari is required

Once you have ensured you have met the above criteria, please watch this short video:

To prepare for your Online Notarization:

Ensure all documents are unsigned and in Word (.doc, .docx) or PDF format

Ensure ID for each signer (ID, DL, or Passport and issuing State)

Ready to provide email, full name, home address for each signer

An Overview of the Remote Online Notarization Process

Non signers can watch the RON session to assist with language issues, comfort a parent, or answer questions if a title officer/ attorney.

  • All signers open the email and follow the link to the RON Zoom video meeting. The email will arrive before your scheduled appointment time. Please do not be late.
  • The first signer also receives, an email titled “to review documents”. Do not open this email until on camera with notary and taken an Oath of Affirmation.
  • Hands off system – the signing process occurs one signer at a time. After one signer has completed ID verification, signs document and selects “finished”, the next signer is sent an email with a link to follow for ID verification and signing of the document.
  • The RON session – each signer states their full name and Notary administers Oath.
  • The first signer opens “to review documents” email and clicks link. Signers will see two options on the website. Select “go”.
  • Agree to legal consent
  • To pass identity verification – a signer needs a smartphone, iPad or tablet to upload a photograph of their state-issued identification or US passport (cannot be expired).
  • Signer will be asked to input social security number and date of birth.
  • When identification are accepted the Signer will be required to “create a password”. If a signer does not have at least five years of credit experience they will not see the create a password section and the RON session ends for All signers.
  • Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Questions are the next step. You will be asked three to five questions from your credit history. This is timed. If a signer fails, they have one more attempt to verify identity. Start again by closing out of the browser website; then click the link from the “to review documents” email and try again. Some states only allow two attempts to answer KBA questions. If a signer fails twice they will be unable to continue and the RON session ends for all signers.
  • Signing document(s) is the final step. Select the “sign” button next to each of your signatures. Scroll to the bottom of the document. When completed you will be able to select the “finished” button. You are now finished but do not leave the Ron session.
  • Read the message on your screen out loud to notify the next signer to look in their email box for an email titled “to review documents”.
  • Retrieve your notarized documents. When the notary is finished and the ZOOM camera session ends, in a few minutes you will notice on your laptop or personal computer screen a new option to “download”. If you close out your browser, wait for an email within 10 minutes with a link to access your documents. You will need your password. If you are unable to access your completed notarized documents, email us at for a copy.
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