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Worldwide Secure Remote Online Notarization For US Residents

Using our highly secure software, you can now legally get your business or personal documents securely sealed with a remote online notary. No matter what the document is, whether wills and trusts, settlement forms, power of attorney, financial papers, real estate, auto, or yachting paperwork, if it to be needs notarized, we can assist you.

This applies to US Residents anywhere in the world. Our secure software makes it fast and simple to do using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will never have to go anywhere or stand in line to get your documents notarized again! So if you have been searching Google for a Notary near me, you will never have to again!

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After your appointment you will be amazed at how easy the process was.


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We use state of the art encryption methods to ensure your security.

The Online Notary Process Is Easy!

Easily Get Your Docs Notarized From The Comfort Of Your Home

Why Use A Remote Online Notary?

Our agents have decades of Notary experience. 

We are making it easier for people and companies to get documents notarized without the hassle of driving to a location and waiting in lines. 

What could be better than getting your documents notarized from your computer or smartphone?

Notary Industry Leaders

We have the experience to handle any situation that might arise. We have seen it before!

Only Certified Notaries

Every notary agent at CyberNotarize is certified and has decades of experience across multiple industries.

Timely And Convenient

Once your appointment time arrives, you will be amazed at the smoothness and ease of an online notarization. Once the verification and notarization process completes, your notarized documents will arrive within minutes.


The Remote Online Notary Trusted by Thousand of Satisfied Clients


2,394 Ratings
Google Reviews
“Before this I had never done an online notarization before. I always drove to the local Fed-Ex type store to get my documents notarized. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I'll never drive somewhere again.”
Lily Hart
“When they said simple, secure, and easy they were absolutely correct I highly recommend.”
Brian Bell
“This has basically automated my business notary needs.”
Breyton Andres
“As an accountant who frequently needs documents notarized, I have found this to be a huge time saver for my business.”
Gabriel Katz

The Remote Online Notary Advantage

We live in a world where everything is done through the internet. 

From shopping for clothes to paying our bills, we are all connected and always online. As much as we love that convenience, there were still some tasks that need to be handled offline like signing and notarizing documents. 

This can create quite an inconvenience when you have drive somewhere to meet with a commissioned notary and sign a physical document.

What if you could sign your document online and get it notarized at the same time without having to take the troublesome task of searching for a notary near you, leaving your house, and then waiting in a line? That’s exactly what an online notary allows you to avoid!

You can upload your documents from anywhere, fill out your information on the form, then follow the instructions for uploading proof of identification and other requested information from your online notary service, pay for it with a credit card, and then receive your notarized documents via email. 

What could be easier?

The Cyber Notarize Objective

Our objective is to deliver a highly personalized concierge notarization service to individuals and businesses. 

We recognize that everyone’s time is valuable, which is why we take pride in being one of the first remote online notarization providers in Florida. 

Whether you are at home, on vacation, at a real estate closing, or evening business meeting, a Online Florida Notary Public is available to assist you.

We specialize in providing remote notarization services. Once an appointment with one of our Remote Online Notary Publics has been requested, the request will be assigned to a notary who will confirm the appointment and advise of the next steps. 

Our knowledgeable team monitors your notary requests to ensure that each signing is completed accurately and as scheduled.

Prior to the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, the benefits of virtual notarization or online notary were to conserve time, money, and energy that was otherwise being spent on a signer traveling to a law office or bank in his or her free time to get a document notarized. Now, the benefits have shifted to far greater than the Florida Judicial System could have ever imagined when enacting this new law beginning on January 1, 2020 that allowed notaries to electronically notarize documents via video.

Legal in all 50 States and anywhere in the world for US Residents, Remote Online Notarization is now the best and most efficient way to get a document notarized and limit a person’s contact with another during this alarming pandemic. In addition to reducing one’s contact with others, Remote Online Notarization offers a unique vetting process of each signer prior to notarization which consists of multiple questions that only the signer should be privy to. Using state of the art encryption and video recordings, it ensures your transactions are held to the latest security standards. Lastly, Remote Online Notarization can be easily accessed using a computer, tablet or phone with video and audio capabilities as well as internet access. Thank you technology!

Therefore, the signer does not have to physically be tied to a specific location at the time of the notarization. This includes any witnesses to documents being notarized as well.

Florida is now one of many states that has moved toward virtual notarization to increase productivity among all individuals and professionals.

$25 for first notarized document.

$10.00 for each additional notarized document.

Flat rates for multiple documents and businesses

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